This is the crest for the city of Hattem, The Netherlands.

The town of Hattem is from whence the Bultmans came. Although there are references in our history to a neighboring town of Oldebroek, Hattem is the primarly reference throughout the documents we have. Hattem is a small town in the province of Gelderland in The Netherlands. To pinpoint its location more closely, CLICK HERE for a couple of maps we've prepared showing where Hattem is in relation to the rest of the country.

One of the monuments in Hattem is the Bell in the Reformed Church. It was hung in 1455. Cast by Gert Flinge,it has a diameter of 130cm. In the same church is a single manual organ, probably made by the Slegel organ builders.

There are sights of interest and museums in Hattem. Among the museums are the Het Nederlands Bakkerimuseum which I'm assuming is a museum devoted to baking? Also in Hattem the Anton Pieck Museum and Voerman Museum. Information about Anton Pieck is below. The Voerman Museum is a painters exhibition by Grote Jan Voerman, Jr. A link to his work is at: Jan Voerman.

Anton Pieck: his life and his work.

Anton Pieck was born in Den Helder on April 19th, 1895 and died in Overveen on November 24th, 1987.
At the early age of 11, he won his first prize for an oil painting of a still life. At the age of 17, he obtains his secondary school drawing certificate. From 1920 until his retirement in 1960, Pieck is attached to the Kennemer Lyceum in Bloemendaal as a drawing-art-master. The work of Anton Pieck contains amongst other things; paintings in oil and watercolour, etchings, woodcarvings, engravings, litho's, travel-drawings and textbook- illustrations. He received several prizes for his work, including the Dr. Egerton-Crispin-prize (in 1929 for his own exlibris). In 1952 the Fairypark 'De Efteling', designed by Pieck opened. Later, under contract to family Lips, he designs the 'Autotron' in Drunen, which was finished in 1972. Exhibitions of his work are organised on a regular basis. On June 16th, 1983 a bronze 'Bust' of Anton Pieck (designed by Kees Verkade) was revealed in Overveen. In 1984, on September 6th, the Anton Pieck Museum, in Hattem was opened officially by HRH Princess Margriet.

An oil by Anton Pieck

Here are a few pictures of Hattem. Most of these are Postcards that have been scanned. As soon as possible we'll bring you up to date pictures.

This is on the way into Hattem looking over the Hattem to Appeldorn canal. There are family members of Joe Bultman who have lived in Appeldorn, about 20 miles from Hattem.

Below is the Dutch Reformed Church in Hattem.

This is the windmill that was prominent in 1950's and earlier Holland. For all I know, its still there. Below this windmill is a small house. According to my dad, Joe M. Bultman, it is a two room house. This was the house that my dad described "underneath is the two room house where my grandmother lived". Which grandparents I'm not sure. So its either Marrigjen Zwaanepool Bultman or Geertje Mulder Knol. My hunch is Marrigjen because she and Dirk lived in Hattem and The Knol's lived in Oldebroek. Just below the top window in the windmill is a plaque that gives a date of 1832 which is probably the date it was built. Also, if you look closely, there is a man standing in the doorway of the house and a man and a child at the end of the street on the right.

This building is titled the Gemeentehuis. Probably some sort of government or public building. I have to learn Dutch.

Another picture of the Dutch Reformed Church in Hattem

This gate is part of the old walled city. More than 650 years old.

This postcard might give a better perspective on the home of the Bultman Family. According to my father's diary of 1953: "Went for a walk and can hardly believe I walked these same streets 40 years ago. What makes it so amazing is the fact that there has been no noticable change in all these years. We walked down the Kerkstraat which is the main street and no more than two city blocks long. At the end of the street is an old pump which used to be the water source for its citizens.

Many times, we as children, had come here to pump water for our grandmother. Around the corner we see a typical Dutch windmill, directly underneath is the two room house where my grandmother lived those many years ago, and we as children spent a great deal of time playing."

So here is where Gerrit, Dirk and Marten married and had their first children who played in these streets.

The picture to the right, bottom, is the Kruisstraat, the main street leading to the old walled gate.

All of the above pictures are postcards dating from 1953 or slightly prior.

As soon as possible, I'll search for my dad's slides of this trip for color photos.

For a large photograph overview of Hattem, CLICK HERE.We scanned this large photograph in two section and put them together as best we could. The file size is large, 204K and may take a bit to load. We are unsure of the date of this photograph, but because of a lack of cars and utility poles, it was probably the late 1800's or early 1900's.

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