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Earliest known photos of Marten Bultman Family

Richard Bultman's family


Dirk Bultman Family Photos

  Louis Bultman Family Photos
  John Bultman Family Photos

Gerrit Bultman Family Photos

Nice 1939 Chevrolet
House was 2 bedroom 2 bath
about 960 square feet
original price $2,900 in 1930


Dorothy Bultman, Richard's mother as a baby. About 1905.



Richard and Tracy in their living room in Saugus. Richard is the piano player although Alex and Carolyn are taking lessons.




Richard Bultman with his mom Dorothy Kramer Bultman. Picture taken about 1949 on 98th street in Los Angeles.



Richard and Tracy in their kitchen getting ready for a small family reunion. Richard loves to cook.


Alex and Carolyn at a California amusement park after getting off a ride. I think Carolyn is suggesting that perhaps Alex should not have eaten that last Chili Dog before going on that last ride.




Carolyn with Rudi the cat who we lost in early 2001 at the age of 18.



Alex and his cat Matthew.

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