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Marten Bultman
Family Photos

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Son-  Joe Bultman

Son-  Richard Bultman


Dirk Bultman Family Photos

        Son ->Louis Bultman

     John I Bultman son of Louis
     S. Sean Bultman son of John I
     Barry J. Bultman son of John I
     Deborah R. Bultman daughter of John I
     Leon R. Bultman Son of John I

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Dorothy Reyenga daughter of Louis

    Gertrude Droost daughter of Louis

Gerrit Bultman
Family Photos



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This is a very early photo of the center of Hattem. There is the town pump where many a Bultman played during childhood. Judging by the clothing I'd guess perhaps sometime between 1880 and 1900. Anyone else?

Photo courtesy of Mirjam van Heun



This is another view of Kerstraat just to the right of the pump shown above. Jannetje Pijkeren lived in the 2nd house on the left with the two steps. Jannetje was the wife of Jan Bultman who was the son of Aart Bultman and Grietje Wals. In the background at the end of the street is the Reformed Church in Hattem.

#36 Kerstraat, home of Jennetje Pijkeren.

Here is Jannetje Pijkeren on front steps of #36 Kerstraat with her grandaughter Jennie. Jennie is the daughter of Johannes Bultman.

This is a picture of the 1906 school where Jan Bultman attended. Jan is the child on the right in the 2nd row next to the teacher.

Jan was the son of Aart and Jannetje Bultman. He was born 26 Jan 1897. His father, Aart Bultman, was a previously unknown but suspected brother of the 3 Bultman brothers who emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900's. They were Marten, Gerrit and Dirk.

Photo courtesy of Mirjam van Heun

This would be Aart Bultman (13 Apr 1867-15Apr 1931) and his wife Jannetje van Pijkeren. It is unknown when this picture was taken, but we can guess by Jannetje's dress that it was probably around the turn of the century (1900).
Photo courtesy of Mirjam van Heun
Picture of Bultman family in 1936-Holland

This is a picture of the Bultman family in Holland taken about 1936 in Zwolle. Back row L-R: Jannetje van Pijkeren, Aart Bultman and his wife Martha Brouwer, Grietje Wals wife of Jan Bultman. Front row L-R: Jos daughter of Jan and Grietje Bultman, Marten, son of Aaart and Martha Bultman, Then, daughters of Jan and Grietje: Greet, Jenny, Annie and in front Atie. Photo courtesy of Mirjam van Heun

This is a picture taken the same day as the one above with Aartje (Atie) Bultman and her grandmother Jannetje van Pijkeren.

Photo courtesy of Mirjam van Heun

Left: This is Jan Bultman born 26 Jan 1897. Jan was a parks gardener in Amsterdam. He died shortly after his 100th birthday. Note the wooden shoes. Right: this is Jan at an earlier age. The date of the photograph is unknown.

A webmasters note: seeing Jan Bultman in profile (left) reminds me so much of my father Joe Bultman and his brothers. The resemblance in profile is amazing.

Photo courtesy of Mirjam van Heun

Bultman Family Farm, Hattem, about 1914

This is one of the earliest pictures we have that relates to the Bultman family. From family sources, this is the home of Derk Bultman and Marrigjen Zwanepol Bultman. Information is that this picture was taken about 1914.

Everyone in this picture seems to have their Sunday best on. One lady seems to have a perhaps a regional type of headgear. We hope to have more information about who is in this picture soon.

From what I can tell, all three of the pictures below seem to be taken in front of the same house. Other possible explanation is that all houses were built the same (tract houses?). However, the bottom picture looks a lot more worn than the top two. Another mystery.

Thanks to Elaine Bultman Schmitt for these pictures. Its only with the help of family members that we can complete this project of our family history.

The remaining Bultman family in Holland (ca. 1931)

30 Oct 2002 - We now have a fairly good idea of who is who. On the left with the 2 canes is Jan Bultman (20 Dec 1878-1978). Jan would be 53 in this picture. I'm not sure who the other brother is. Marten died in 1919 so its either Derk or John and we have no information about either of them. I'm assuming that Dirk and Gerrit remained in the U.S. Center is mother Jenny Knul Bultman. Then Jennetje Bultman (7 Oct 1875 - ?).and Kornelia Bultman (29 Nov 1881 - ?). If we are correct, then Jennetje would be about 56 in this picture, her sister Kornelia about 49.We are still trying to track down more information about the sisters. We have no guarantee that the picture was taken in 1931. More questions every day.
It is THOUGHT that this family gathering might have taken place at Aart Bultman's funeral. We understand that he passed away in 1931.

This picture (we think) shows two Bultman brothers possibly Jan on the left. Although one is thought to be named Jan, 90 year old Jenny Knul Bultman and two Bultman sisters that are thought to have died later of pneumonia. Note that the brother on the left seems to be using two canes.

Again, the Bultman family - brothers and sisters.
30 Oct 2002 -
Now we think that l-r would be Jan, Dirk or Jan, Jenny Knul, Aart and perhaps either a)Jennetje and Kornelia OR Aart's wife Jannetje Pijkeren and their youngest daughter Jannigje. There is no certainty about the two on the right. However, a more likely scenario would be that it is Jennigje on the left and Kornelia, the younger sister on the right.
Bultman brother (believed now [oct02] to be Jan, Bultman brother, Jenny Knul Bultman - Mother, Aart Bultman-brother, Bultman sister, Bultman sister. The sisters are Jennetje and Kornelia but unknown which is which .Following a chat with a Bultman family member, it is THOUGHT that what is stated above is true.

The Aart Bultman family.
30 Oct 2002 - It is still unknown when this picture was taken, but we have a better idea of the children. Best guess for the back row of girls l-r is: Dirkje (b.9 Sep 1899), Fennigje (b.1 Aug 1895), Jannigje (b.23 Nov 1893). Front row, l-r would be: Anna (b.26 Sep 1900) Jannetje Pijkeren Bultman (unknown birth date), Aart Bultman (b13Apr 1867-15 Apr 1931), Jan (b.26 Jan 1897) and Aart (b.19 Aug 1903)

This is Aart Bultman's family. At this writing 10/01 we have virtually no information about Aart, his family or descendants.

More information as we find it.

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